Couples who are tying the knot are looking for wedding bands that symbolize the love between them. It is a sign of a promise and dedication to each other and represents love and eternity.

Here are some bespoke ideas from our customer and designers. Let’s make your wedding journey a special one with a pair of customized wedding bands that reflects your personality and love story 🥰



  • Black Gold Wedding Bands

Have you seen a black gold wedding band? 18k black gold is as exclusive as it is and looks sleek and bold. There are several options of materials and colors (platinum, 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold, black gold, and purple gold) to personalize color of your ring, it is the easiest and fastest approach to customise your bands.


  • Textured Wedding Bands

Another trending option is to have textured finishing on your bands. There are various selections of finishing (from gloss, to satin matte, velvet matte, diamond matte, artistic matte) for your consideration.

Textured finishing like hammered or brushed look unique and different from the off the shelf designs. 


  • Eternity Wedding Bands, Stacking Wedding Bands

Wedding bands that have diamonds all around are known as eternity bands and symbolizes endless commitment.

The diamonds on eternity bands could be in many different fancy diamond shapes like emerald, heart, oval or different mounting styles like channel set, half circle, full circle or even multiple rows pave set.

The trend, which is also the tradition, is to wear both the wedding bands and diamond engagement ring on the same fourth finger on your left hand.

These classic designs of eternity ring match astonishingly well with engagement ring. They are also superb anniversary gifts and push gifts.


  • Gemstone Wedding Bands

Make your wedding amazing with colorful gemstones that symbolizes your personalities.

These colorful bands are elegant symbol of meaningful customization. Couple may choose gemstone of each other’s birthstones, preference, and it can be embedded on the internal or external surface of bands. For a fancier tweak, gemstones and diamonds can be mounted in alternate sequence for colour contrast.


  • Classic Wedding Bands 

The groom, sometimes the bride as well, just wanted timeless bands which can be worn daily. This design is undoubtedly a design that can grow old and withstand thick and thin with the couples.


  • Weaved/Braided Wedding Bands

All wedding bands represent eternal love between the couples, but the weaved or braided or intertwining designs of wedding bands add extra significance of togetherness and commitment.

It represents two lovers embarking lives together, and walking through life hand in hand, with a loving reminder of your endless connection to your other half.



  • Revolving Wedding Bands

Revolving wedding ring, also known as spinning rings, or spinner rings, or rolling rings, provide a new “spin” on standard wedding bands designs. These remarkable wedding bands, symbolizing flexibility, are long-lasting and unique when handcrafted by a mastercraftsman.


  • 2-in-1 Wedding Bands

Whether you are attending a black-tie event, or chilling with your hubby at a bar, or shopping at a neighbourhood supermarket, a 2-in-1 wedding bands can be worn as a gorgeous ring or a sophisticated pendant. Once it is pressed and folded, the shape embodies an infinity sign which represents never-ending love.

These wedding bands require high standard of quality check and professional techniques, due to the delicate parts and intricate designs.


  • Puzzle Wedding Bands

An interlocking puzzle wedding bands made of two or three detachable bands that can be assembled together completely to create a solid band. Once the rings have freed from their places, it is up to groom and bride to wear on different fingers and in different combinations. Puzzle wedding rings are a symbol of perfect interconnectedness and compatible personalities between the couples.


  • Kissing Wedding Bands
Symbolizing intimacy, these wedding bands that connects to each other can be crafted with structural or magnetic connections. Structural connection is lighter than magnetic, and the rings are more comfortable to wear. The rings “kiss” when it is turned in a predetermined direction.
Most charming and loving wedding bands among these top 10 designs, it is heart-warming.



Have you found your favourite wedding bands designs? We hope you now have more knowledge about the bespoke ideas after reading this article.

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