Article by Better Diamond Initiative:  “Facts about Lab-grown Diamonds you need to know”

Facts about Lab-grown Diamonds you need to know

Lab-grown Diamonds (also incorrectly referred as ‘Synthetic’ diamonds) are one of the most promising developments the global diamond industry has seen since the last discovery of a diamond mine in 1980s. Unfortunately, a lot of real facts about Lab-grown Diamonds are miscommunicated and misrepresented in the industry due to its perceived threat as an alternative to Earth-mined diamonds.

Some of the key facts about Lab-grown diamonds are:

  • Lab-grown diamonds are neither synthetic nor fake nor artificial. On the contrary, they are real diamonds grown from a diamond seed
  • Lab-grown diamonds are identical to Earth-mined diamonds in every aspect – physically, chemically and optically
  • Lab-grown diamonds are getting increasingly popular in the US followed by centres in the east and Europe, as a new choice of diamonds and a source of conflict free, ethical and eco-friendly diamonds
  • Many leading brands, globally, including Pure Grown Diamonds, Mia Donna, Robbins Brothers, Brilliant Earth et al sell Lab-grown diamonds

Since some time now, we have conducted several in-depth factual studies and published several posts on Lab-grown Diamonds. We’ve developed a new webpage on our portal – ‘Diamond Comparison’ consolidating all our studies, analysis and findings. This webpage is a one-stop knowledge bank on everything about Lab-grown diamonds and contains detailed comparisons between Lab-grown diamonds and Earth-mined diamonds. An educational repertoire, the ‘Diamond Comparison’ is a user-friendly dynamic and responsive webpage, which will run as a permanent feature apart from the ‘Lab-grown’ category on our portal, which will continue to host latest posts on news and developments about Lab-grown diamonds.

‘Diamond Comparison’ details all the facts about Lab-grown diamonds and compares them to Earth-mined diamonds in terms of their production process, basic facts, industry advantages, environmental impact, physical properties etc. and details each of the comparison sub-parameters bringing out the global reports, studies and insights.