Diamonds and Wedding Bands Webinars: 4 Different Topics Available!

Choose topic(s) of your interest:

Week 1 Tuesday 2-3pm (Live)/ 7-8pm (Replay).
“How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring?”
Learn everything about 4C’s and beyond, experience virtual lab grading, live demonstrations, and know about price range and customization.

Week 2 Tuesday 2-3pm (Live)/ 7-8pm (Replay).
“How to Customize Wedding Bands?”
Learn about matching designs with your engagement rings, lifestyles and finger shapes, alloys of gold, view texturized finishing, live demonstrations of DIY personalized engraving, and virtual fitting of 500 designs.

Week 3 Tuesday 2-3pm (Live)/ 7-8pm (Replay).
“Difference between Natural vs Labgrown Diamonds?”

Natural diamonds are earth-grown and mined, should you go for labgrown or cultured diamonds which are lower priced? How about gemstones and other simulants?

Week 4 Tuesday 2-3pm (Live)/ 7-8pm (Replay).
“Jewellery Customization – Yellow Gold & Gemstones, Bridal, Anniversary, and Gifts”
What is your birthstone? What to buy for bridal and anniversary? What is the value for yellow gold? Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Rings, Pearls and Gemstones.

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