Q: “Amanda, this article has generated over thousand engagements on Yahoo Finance Facebook. Some applaud your journey, while others think that you are privileged. What are your thoughts?”

A: “Thank you @yahoofinance for sharing my journey with readers.

Yes, I have been blessed growing up in a family with a rich heritage in diamonds.

I had the privilege of witnessing how my grandparents and parents worked relentlessly from 10am to 10pm every day, including weekends. My parents who mended the shops, had to miss all important moments in my life, including missing the deadline for my P1 registration.

Despite their hard work and success, my parents raised me in a humble and down-to-earth manner. I received 20 cents a day for my pocket money and used to save for three days to enjoy one bowl of noodle at the school canteen during recess time. In order to support my expenses in JC and NUS, I gave tuition to other students.

When I became a young mother living alone in Singapore, I made the decision to leave my computer science work and become an entrepreneur. I wanted to be present for my children. Answering customers’ queries while delivering my baby in the hospital and going through one week of confinement for all three deliveries was a survival instinct needed.

I am thankful that eClarity has received so much love all these years from Singaporean couples. It is my hope that my journey will inspire you, whether you are a parent-to-be, or an entrepreneur.”

Thank you @yahoofinance for presenting our Founder @amandakpp & thank you to everyone who starts their journey with 𝖡𝖠.𝖲𝖦 & eClarity

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