Your marriage proposal is one of the most meaningful and unforgettable events in your life, having the perfect ring surely helps to highlight this special moment.

From ring designs to centre stones, there are tons of options available, and hence, selecting the best engagement ring for your loved one can be very challenging. Therefore, considering the lifestyle and personal taste of your partner and you is the most crucial when buying an engagement ring.

  1. Classic Solitaire Proposal Ring

    A solitaire ring refers to the simple classic setting, mounted with a single centre stone, be it diamond or gemstone. The simple design shows off the beauty of the centre stone, which best suits those who prefer pure and elegant style.


  1. Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring

A variation to the classic ring shank, twisted shank adds modern and contemporary taste to the elegant solitaire ring. With the artistic touch, engagement ring with gentle curve design becomes the darling of the dainty ladies.


  1. Pavé Proposal Ring

Pavé setting presents simple yet elegant factors with beautiful enhancement with more desirable little diamond sparkles. Embedding small diamonds on the ring gives a graceful and sophisticated taste.


  1. Channel Setting Proposal Ring

Like pavé setting, channel setting involves adding small diamonds or other gemstones to the shank of an engagement ring. The technique involves mounting small stones into a channel made from two precious metal alloy strips, which hold the stones securely in place. The channel setting becomes a popular choice with its secure, sleek and stylish effect on the ring.


  1. Split-Shank Style Engagement Ring

Another popular design for engagement ring, split-shank engagement ring altering the shank of the ring by dividing the ring shank into two at both sides of the centre stone, creating a small gap in between. The tapering effect generally makes the centre stone look more prominent, the broader ring is a popular choice amongst the ladies who prefer a more solid design.


  1. Trilogy Proposal Ring

Also known as three-stone or trinity engagement ring, trilogy engagement ring features three stones which symbolize past, present, and future. The centre stone, which represent this present moment of bliss and love, is generally larger and set higher than the others. Besides the lovely connotation, the ring is also exclusive and charming with the additional 2 accompanying diamonds or coloured gemstones.


  1. Swirl Proposal Ring

The most feminine design with a connection of shank with a centre stone to create a soft, flowy effect. As the ring shanks on both sides are not parallel nor in a straight line to connect with the centre stone, it gives an effect of spiralling effect around the stone. With or without melee diamonds embedded on the swirled shank, the ring appears to be stylish, lady-like and gorgeous.

  1. Vintage Proposal Ring

Vintage style engagement ring is recognized for its refined and artistic values. Instead of showcasing the centre stone only, vintage style engagement ring emphasizes on the intricate details on the ring, be it nature-inspired patterns or antique embossment, combine with different sizes of diamonds to create a sophisticated impression.

The vintage engagement ring is perfect for those who are artistic and admire extraordinary craftmanship.

  1. Halo Engagement Ring

A halo setting is a magnificent way to show off a beautiful white diamond, to visually enlarge a diamond, or to add contrast in the colors of the main stone and the halo. The centre stone is surrounded by a circle of melee diamonds to sophisticatedly highlight the shine and brilliance of the centre stone with the reflection of light. Halo setting also delivers a dazzling contrast when it mounted with coloured gemstones.


  1. Hidden Halo Proposal Ring

A minor variation to the common halo setting, the sparkling halo of pavé diamonds positioned just beneath the stone in a hidden halo setting. The halo cannot be seen from the top but it acts as an added intricate surprise to shine from the side view.